Moss Healthy Green Soil-less Growing Systems

"No digging, No weeding, No mess"

Nothing can be more rewarding than daily harvesting your home grown crop of vegetables and nothing can be as fresh!

Say ‘Goodbye’ to the supermarket and start growing today in the unique new Moss Soilless Growing System designed to give strong healthy crops in rapid time.

Soil-less growing gives rapid results as plants are fed with a soluble plant food containing all the essential elements for healthy growth. The plants are grown in directly in the plant food solution they harness the nutrient they needs, quickly delivering strong rapid growth.

Moss Healthy Green Soil-less Growing System is a compact garden system making it ideal for use in small spaces. You can have your own market garden wherever you live.

The Moss Healthy Green Soil-less Growing System is ideal for growing a wide range of salad and green leafed vegetables and herbs, as well as tomatoes, beans, peas and more…

The growing system can be used as a simple stand-alone unit or part of an integrated system with multiple growing trays.

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Moss Self-Watering Growing Systems

"Longer Between Drinks"

The Moss self-watering Growing System is designed to reduce the need for regular watering through the use of large internal water reservoirs. So you can leave your plants unattended for several days without watering.

All products are compact and mobile, and aptly suited to any sized garden space, or even where there seems no space at all!

The Moss Self-Watering Growing System comes in three of different sized models, including the Tomato Tower, the Jumbo Growing Tower and the Mobile Vege Patch.

You can grow a huge range of plants any of the products, including climbers, tubers or leafy vegetables.

All models come as a complete kit, so all you need to do is add your soil or potting mix and plant what your want to grow.

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